The Dickey Bedder Crumbler provides for single pass seedbed preparation

9 Shank Parabolic Ripper

Primary Tillage Equipment

We offer a full line of primary tillage equipment including Subsoilers, Rippers, Ripper-Bedders as well as combination units.

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Row Crop Cultivators and Post Emergence Tillage

Tillage Equipment

Use the Dickey Middle Runner Equipped with irrigation shovels as your last pass before beginning furrow irrigation. It can also double as a single sweep cultivator.


Secondary Tillage Equipment

We offer many different options for getting your fields prepped with the best planting conditions possible. We have many different components that can be combined to provide a solution to fit your specific needs .Some of our products include Bedder Choppers, Bedder Rollers, Bedder Crumblers, and Chemical Incorporators.